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and an especially big Fuck You to evolution for not making me a dragon

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Tim and Scott’s Gay Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor


If you’re against gay marriage, watch Billy & Pat's wedding.

You’ll change your mind.

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The best (and most romantic) way of describing Johnlock. From my 86 year old Grandpa

Grandpa:You know, I think Sherlock and John might end up together.
Gramma:You think they're homosexual?
Grandpa:Not really.
Gramma:So what do you mean you think they'll end up together?
Grandpa:(frustrated) I think that they're perfect for each other! I mean, just look at them together!
Gramma:(raises an eyebrow)
Grandpa:Stop with the homosexual! They should be with each other because they GO together! They make each other happy! Isn't that what being in a good relationship's about?
Grandpa:Saying someone's homosexual is like saying I love blonds.
Gramma:You do like blonds dear.
Grandpa:But you're not blond.
Gramma:No... I'm not.
Grandpa:You never have been! I feel in love with you with brown hair and stayed in love when you turned grey. I love you for you. Grey or brunette, young or old. Just like John and Sherlock.
Grandpa:John may like women like I like blonds, but that doesn't mean he's going to ignore someone perfect for him just because it's not a woman. And Sherlock clearly loves him.
Gramma:I thought you said he's not interested in any of that.
Grandpa:Maybe not in other people. But look how he looks at John! He looks at him like I looked at you on our wedding day. It's love. Not something so trivial as whether he's a man or woman.
Grandpa:(out of breath)
Gramma:I knew I married you for a reason.

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Some people think I am gay, which I think is awesome.
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